A BFF is your very own online
'personal trainer' for money.

With regular online catch-ups to keep you accountable, the BFF program, designed by Financial Planners & Psychologists for money, is delivered by real women who have been in your shoes and is delivered at a fraction of the cost of current solutions (less than a monthly gym membership). It's time to take action and get financially fit with your new BFF.

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Don’t Know Where to Start?

You’re not alone, it’s easy to feel lost – but now you’ve found a new direction.

Losing Sleep Over Money?

With the right process, you can take control & stop worrying about money.

Is your money life

out of control?

Swipe right for YES. Swipe left for No.

Credit Card Out of Control?

Letting this cycle continue is not good for anyone – except the banks!

Bills Piling Up?

It’s time to stop avoiding the problem, roll up the sleeves and face it head on.

We’re here to help you get that bad debt-free feeling.


No more sleepless nights worrying about money. With things under control, you can leave your money stress at the door and enjoy a healthier mind and body.

On Top of Things

Get on top of your debt and enjoy a healthier relationship with money while making smart and consistent money choices.


Feel confident that you have a plan, a support system and you're setting yourself up for your future, ready for anything that comes your way.

We are so confident that our program works that we have a money back guarantee.

If you don’t save more than our fees within 3 months – we’ll refund your money. Only catch is you must have completed your action items.

We are completely independent

BFF is not affiliated with any banks. We exist only to serve our members and help them achieve financial success. Any referral fees are credited to our members BFF account to subsidise our fees for ongoing support.